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Harmonic Learning is a company with a purpose... Creating More Harmony In The World Through Learning. Our Harmonic Work-Styles Model, assessments, and learning programs provide individuals and organizations with a path to strengthen communication, increase interpersonal awareness, and heighten leadership skills.



The Harmonic Work-Styles programs explore six, unique work-style types, and how each type can best work with others to create a Harmonic Workplace.

Harmonic Work-Styles Program

Discover how your unique work-style combines with others to create a Harmonic Workplace where
all team-members feel equally valued and involved, equally motivated to do their best,
and equally cared for by their manager and fellow team-members.
Imagine going to work in that kind of environment everyday...
We all deserve to.

Harmonic Work-Styles Program

Classroom (Half-Day) or Webinar Versions Available    /    Contact Us for rates and licensing information


Discover the Harmonic Work-Styles to learn how your unique working strengths can best partner with others to create a strong team.

If just one note is played on an instrument, it's not music, it's just a sound. It takes multiple notes, played in a complementary way to develop a full and rich musical experience. In the workplace, it takes multiple people, working together in a complementary way to create a full and rich working experience.

The Harmonic Work-Styles Program is your guide to creating a Harmonic Workplace through an understanding of how six, unique types of work-styles can best partner together to accomplish great things. You will take an assessment to help determine your primary Harmonic Work-Style type and discover how your type interrelates with others to conduct work most effectively.

This program can be delivered as a stand-alone course or in combination with the Communication, Leadership, and Teaming courses that we offer to enhance the learning even further.

In this module you'll learn:

  • How a Harmonic Workplace can increase employee engagement, motivation, dedication, trust, and success.
  • The unique strengths of the six work-style types and how they can each best contribute to the team.
  • The unique challenges of the six work-style types and how they can cause negativity within a team.
  • The CLIMB model and how to climb to the heights of positivity by using certain tools/techniques.
  • Ways that the different types can partner together to share or complement strengths.

Become Certified

Leadership, Learning, and HR Professionals can qualify to become certified to use the assessment and content with your clients as a stand-alone course, a coaching instrument for one-on-one feedback, or as a consultative instrument when working with teams. Enroll in an Upcoming Session.

Hear from Brian L. French as he explains the concept of how the various work-style types complement each other, just like the notes on a piano.