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Harmonic Learning is a company with a purpose... Creating More Harmony In The World Through Learning. Our Harmonic Work-Styles Model, assessments, and learning programs provide individuals and organizations with a path to strengthen communication, increase interpersonal awareness, and heighten leadership skills.



The Harmonic Work-Styles programs explore six, unique work-style types, and how each type can best work with others to create a Harmonic Workplace.

Harmonic Work-Styles Program

Discover how your unique work-style combines with others to create a Harmonic Workplace where
all team-members feel equally valued and involved, equally motivated to do their best,
and equally cared for by their manager and fellow team-members.
Imagine going to work in that kind of environment everyday...
We all deserve to.

Harmonic Work-Styles Program

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Discover the Harmonic Work-Styles to learn how your unique working strengths can best partner with others to create a strong team.

If just one note is played on an instrument, it's not music, it's just a sound. It takes multiple notes, played in a complementary way to develop a full and rich musical experience. In the workplace, it takes multiple people, working together in a complementary way to create a full and rich working experience.

The Harmonic Work-Styles Program is your introduction to the concept of creating a Harmonic Workplace through an understanding of how six, unique types of work-styles can best partner together to accomplish great things.

In this module you'll learn:

  • How a Harmonic Workplace can increase employee engagement, motivation, dedication, trust, and success.
  • The unique strengths of each of the six work-style types and how they can each best contribute to the team.
  • The Communication-Preferences of each type and how we can begin to better communicate.
  • How each type can share their Positive-Traits to create more harmonic working relationships.
  • Techniques on how to maintain a positive mindset more of the time to accomplish great work.

Hear from Brian L. French as he explains the concept of how the various work-style types complement each other, just like the notes on a piano.