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Harmonic Learning is a company with a purpose... Creating More Harmony In The World Through Learning. Our Harmonic Work-Styles Model, assessments, and learning programs provide individuals and organizations with a path to strengthen communication, increase interpersonal awareness, and heighten leadership skills.


This is the blog of Brian L. French where you'll find pondering's about the Harmonic Learning programs.

Harmonic Leadership - Like a Conductor of an Orchestra

Brian Lowell French

A conductor of an orchestra has an extremely important role. To the uneducated, it may appear that the conductor is just wildly waving their arms and getting worked up into a lather (frankly, even to the educated sometimes it appears that way :-), but the conductor fulfills a great purpose, with deep meaning.

Besides the obvious task of keeping the orchestra in-sync, the conductor is also responsible for the ‘feeling’ of the music. Music without feeling is simply mathematics. Music with feeling touches the soul, creating a oneness between the conductor, the musicians, and the audience.

Without a great conductor, this positive feeling of the music would not be possible. Without a great leader in the workplace, a positive workplace would not be possible.

In this video, I explain how these roles are similar.

The importance of the conductor’s role is equal to the importance of a leader’s role. Without the leader, the team would be out of sync, and the ‘feeling’ of the workplace could not be established.

We don’t often consider the ‘feeling’ of the workplace, but we should, for it is what provides the engagement of the employee. A positive feeling brings a positively engaged employee, but a negative feeling causes a disengaged employee.

There are many ideas and theories on how to create and maintain engagement, but the sad fact is that for most workplaces, it’s not working. There are many reports that state engagement levels being at a low average of around 30% (based on surveys of many types of employees from many types of business). Surveys also suggest that a key reason for low engagement is a result of the direct manager of the employee.

So, how can we keep from being part of the problem, and instead be the solution to higher engagement within our teams? It’s actually pretty simple… by creating a positive workplace through what I call ‘Harmonic Leadership.’

A Harmonic Leader is one who truly understands, motivates, and inspires others, leading to a positively pleasing workplace, resulting in increased employee engagement.

Anyone, at any level in an organization, can be a great leader by developing their Harmonic Leadership Capabilities, as seen in our Capability Model.

 See the full model, with behaviors and developmental actions, within the Harmonic Leadership Course.

See the full model, with behaviors and developmental actions, within the Harmonic Leadership Course.

Within our Harmonic Leadership course, you will learn how to fully develop this set of capabilities (the detailed view of the capabilities model contains measurable behaviors and associated developmental actions). You will first discover your innate leadership style, and how to utilize your style to best lead others. The Harmonic Coaching model will be your tool for working closely with your team-members to ensure they’re positively engaged, motivated, and dedicated to the team’s success. The ACCORD Coaching Conversation model will guide you through both supportive and corrective conversations with your team-members. And the other tools and information will provide you with everything you need to lead in a positive way.

You can create a positive feeling in your workplace… just pick up your leadership ‘baton’ and lead others to higher engagement.