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Harmonic Learning is a company with a purpose... Creating More Harmony In The World Through Learning. Our Harmonic Work-Styles Model, assessments, and learning programs provide individuals and organizations with a path to strengthen communication, increase interpersonal awareness, and heighten leadership skills.


This is the blog of Brian L. French where you'll find pondering's about the Harmonic Learning programs.

Harmonic Communication - Creating Positive 'Music'

Brian Lowell French

Creating Positive Music

When we hear music that's pleasing, it gives us a positive feeling inside. When we hear music that's not pleasing, it gives us a negative feeling inside. Simple... right?  

Communication works in much the same way. People naturally feel good about communication that's pleasing and positive, but they don't feel good when the communication is negative.

In this video, I explain this a bit more.


Different Styles for Different Folks

Just as we all have different musical tastes, we have different communication tastes. When we "play" our "song" of communication, we generally deliver it in our preferred style. And when we receive communication, we want to receive it in our preferred style.

This works fine when two people share the same style. It's like riding in a car together and the driver cranks up the Heavy Metal rock radio station that both of you like. There's an automatic connection to the music, and to each other. But what if you like Country music instead. With the driver playing Metal, you will not enjoy the car trip, and there will be an awkwardness develop within the relationship. The next time there's a need to take another road trip with that person, you will likely have a sense of dread, "Oh no... not another trip where Metal is forced on me. Maybe I can bring earbuds and listen to Country." This simple difference in preferences can create a negative relationship.  

Center Point of Empathy

So, within our workplace communication what can we do to prevent this? We can be empathetic to the needs of the other person. I call it, "Communicating from the Center Point of Empathy." Our Harmonic Relation Model details six types of people who each have a distinct Communication Preference.

The model, seen below, is displayed as triangles surrounding a center point to make a wheel (the curved text above each triangle is that type's communication preference). Communicating from the Center Point of Empathy is simply imagining yourself in the center of the wheel, and taking a step into the triangle of the type of person you're communicating with and using a bit of their style.

 See the full Harmonic Relation Model within any of our instructional programs.

See the full Harmonic Relation Model within any of our instructional programs.

If you are a Speaker type of person, whose Communication Preference is to Speak Forthrightly, and you're communicating with an Observer type, whose preference is to Internalize Thoughts, you can learn to soften your message a bit and invite the Observer to take some time to think about it and then get back with you (using their preferred style instead of your natural instinct of wanting to strongly state your case and expecting a quick resolution).

It's just like being the driver of that car and recognizing that the passenger is not enjoying the Metal music. Instead of continuing to force it upon the passenger, you could offer to change the station to Country. This simple act of empathy will build a much stronger relationship.

Harmonic Communication

Discover your preferred communication style in the Harmonic Communication course. Do you convey feelings or ideas? Do you externalize thoughts or internalize thoughts? Do you speak forthrightly, or politely? These are signs of your communication preference; how you most naturally communicate with others in a positive way.

We each have opportunities, everyday, to create better relationships in the workplace through positive communication. As explained in the video, we can all work to overcome the frenetic, negative communication. Our Harmonic Communication course provides the information and tools to accomplish this, leading to greater individual and team success.

I invite you to begin your Harmonic Learning journey... today.