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Harmonic Learning is a company with a purpose... Creating More Harmony In The World Through Learning. Our Harmonic Work-Styles Model, assessments, and learning programs provide individuals and organizations with a path to strengthen communication, increase interpersonal awareness, and heighten leadership skills.



Harmonic Leadership utilizes the Harmonic Relation Model to heighten leadership skills.


Harmonic Leadership Program

Become a Harmonic Leader by increasing your ability to understand, motivate and inspire others,
leading to a more positive workplace that plays the song of engagement and trust.

Harmonic Leadership

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 Harmonic Leadership

A conductor of an orchestra is the key person in ensuring that all of the players are working seamlessly together to create a meaningful listening experience. In the workplace, the leader plays the same role, ensuring that all of the employees are dedicated and working as team to create a meaningful working experience.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, and all types. Every person can become an effective leader, but it comes from understanding how to best lead within your given type instead of trying to be a cookie-cutter leader by emulating techniques that are not a natural fit. This learning program helps you to find your unique leadership style and discover techniques for leading each of your team-members equally effectively, reaching their needs regardless of their Harmonic Relation Type. This will greatly expand employee engagement within the team.

A key learning is how to coach employees who are acting negatively to get them back to a point of positive productivity. You'll also learn how to negotiate with difficult people by turning it into a positive situation where the outcome can benefit both parties. Being a Positive-Traits leader simply leads to greater personal and team success.

Creating a Harmonic Workplace is simply moving the primary focus from concentrating on the work to instead concentrating on caring for the people who are doing the work, and this naturally helps them to do their work better. The result is that the work product is much better (and the employees are happier and more engaged while doing the work).

In this module you'll learn:

  • How each Work-Style type can use their Positive-Traits to lead others effectively in a natural way.
  • How to guide a team through the different phases of team-development to reach the strengthening phase.
  • Effective ways to coach each team-member to meet their unique short-term and long-term needs.
  • How to assess the primary motivators for your different employees and then reach them.
  • The ACCORD Coaching Conversation model for supportive and corrective coaching.
  • The 10-Step Harmonic Collaboration Tool for creating successful collaborations.
  • Techniques for building the team to create long-standing trust.

Hear from Brian L. French as he describes how leading a team is like conducting an orchestra, where the leader has the important role of ensuring that all of the 'players' are in-sync and working together to do great things.