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Harmonic Learning is a company with a purpose... Creating More Harmony In The World Through Learning. Our Harmonic Work-Styles Model, assessments, and learning programs provide individuals and organizations with a path to strengthen communication, increase interpersonal awareness, and heighten leadership skills.

Free Teaming Assessment

Free Harmonic Teaming Index Assessment. Take this short, free assessment to determine your team's Harmonic Index that describes the level of harmony within your team. Then explore the Harmonic Teaming program to discover tools that will help to increase team harmony.

Free Harmonic Teaming Index Assessment

Gauge Your Team's Harmonic Level

 Harmonic Teaming Program

Harmonic Teaming Program

Teams with an extremely high level of harmony create an environment where all team-members feel fully included and valued, and the atmosphere is extremely positive and supportive.

Far too many people find themselves asking, "Why can't my team just get along?" General disharmony in the workplace is a huge problem that is the root cause of so many visible issues that teams suffer through. And often we find ourselves trying to address the surface issues without much success, because the undercurrent of disharmony continually causes issues to resurface.

Even teams that generally get along well can often increase team harmony, leading to even greater productivity and success.

This free Harmonic Teaming Index Assessment is a tool for you to use to quickly determine the level of Harmony within your team. It's equally appropriate for team-leaders and team-members to take the assessment. This is an example of the assessment that each team-member takes as part of the Harmonic Teaming Custom Engagement Program.

The questions ask if every team-member would agree (not just you), so consider the entire team's perspective as you answer the questions.

Discover the Harmonic Teaming Program

The Harmonic Teaming Index Assessment is a core part of our Harmonic Teaming Program (found on the Team Development page).

Within the Harmonic Teaming Webinar you will learn how to interpret the results of the assessment and discover tools to increase the harmonic level.

If your team participates in a Harmonic Teaming Custom Engagement, you and your team-members will each take an enhanced version of the assessment where an average Index score for the team is determined. You'll also assess how many work-hours are lost to disharmony and an estimated loss of productivity as a result.

The score will then be provided to the team along with a set of actions for that Index Level that will either maintain a high-level of team-harmony, or allow you to increase from a low-level of harmony.

Note that if your team scores in the Very or Extremely Harmonic categories, it doesn't mean that the training would not still be beneficial. There are constant threats to a team that could quickly cause it to move down the scale. So, for high-scoring teams, the focus of the training is more on how to maintain the high-score (and fend off the attacks) and seek to move even higher on the index.

You will then use the tools and information provided within the learning-program to create even more harmony within your team.

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