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Harmonic Learning is a company with a purpose... Creating More Harmony In The World Through Learning. Our Harmonic Work-Styles Model, assessments, and learning programs provide individuals and organizations with a path to strengthen communication, increase interpersonal awareness, and heighten leadership skills.



Harmonic Learning provides coaching services to help individuals and teams grow.


Coaching Services

Discover the keys to individual and team success through enhancing strengths and
addressing challenges, leading to greater effectiveness and success.

Coaching Services

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Harmonic Communication

We listen to ourselves talk everyday, but when people record their voice and listen back to it in headphones, they’re often very surprised at how they sound. A common, rhetorical question being, “Do I really sound like that?”

This is what coaching does… provide the objective perspective of how you’re coming across in various workplace situations. Then, a plan to overcome the negative aspects and accentuate the positive aspects is developed.

Coaching is the act of assessing individual/team strengths and challenges and providing guidance to increase success. The key is initially observing and listening to the individual/team to assess the current status and challenges. Then create solutions for growth and development.

Individual Coaching Engagement

Conducted through a series of private, confidential one-on-one sessions where the coach and client dive deep in order to discover challenges and develop capabilities. A workbook is used to track the engagement and to reference instructional content as needed. Many self-reflection worksheets are used to explore values, aspirations, and goals. Numerous assessments are utilized to determine the strengths and areas of challenge. A 360-Degree assessment builds a view of growth areas by interviewing the manager, direct-reports and peers of the leader. Then a development plan is created to show the path to increasing the strengths, overcoming the challenges, and preparing for long-term success. The coach will also observe the leader in various workplace situations to see the strengths and challenges in action and witness the improvement that occurs over time. The development focuses both on areas that can make an immediate, positive impact, as well as longer-term developmental growth areas.

Coaching Focus Areas

Leadership Development to enhance relevant leadership capabilities

Culture Building to enhance the ability to create a positive environment

Trust Building to enhance the ability to create and maintain a trusting team

Leadership Presence to enhance how you are perceived by others as a leader

Executive Presentation to enhance the skills needed to share impactful messages

Introverted/Extroverted Leadership to enhance the ability to flex to the needs of others

Positive Influence to enhance the skills needed to create change and gain support

Strategic Execution to enhance strategy development and the driving of results

Organizational Development to enhance the effectiveness of the organization

Transition Acceleration to enhance the success of stepping into a new role

Work/Life Balance to ensure a healthy balance is created and maintained

Note: Other focus areas can of course be established based on the initial needs assessment

Coaching Components

Coaching Sessions held every 2-4 weeks on average with some deeper-dive sessions

Assessments and Surveys to discover your unique leadership style, strengths and challenges

360-Degree Assessment for discovering a wide perspective on how the leadership is perceived

Workbook/Worksheets for learning, self-reflection and analyzing preferences/tendencies

Online Learning Resource to access world-class content on leadership and business

Observational Sessions to assess how the skills being developed are being utilized

Development Planning Process where a formalized plan is utilized to track goals

Coaching Support Team formed for supporting the ongoing development effort

Note: Selected components are only included in the 12 Month option listed below

Coaching Engagement Options

3 Month Targeted for addressing a specific need to quickly enhance a key performance area

6 Month Discovery for developing a number of growth areas as discovered through assessments

12 Month Exploration for exploring all relevant leadership aspects to greatly enhance career potential

Note: Spot coaching of just 1-2 meetings is also available for extremely specific needs

Group Coaching Engagement

Conducted through a series of observational sessions and individual interviews to determine areas of strength/weakness and the underlying concerns that are affecting the group. Various assessments are utilized to form an anonymous, baseline view of the team that is measured against. Then a plan is created to enhance the team’s effectiveness through learning and team-strengthening activities. Each leader within the team receives individual coaching throughout the engagement to ensure that the team successfully navigates the growth and can sustain it over time. Group coaching engagements are customized based on the initial needs-assessment and typically range from 3-month to 6-month periods.

Harmonic Coaching Methodology

We utilize a custom coaching methodology that creates a clear path to greatness. This is the same methodology taught to leaders within our Harmonic Leadership - Leading in Tempo class for use with team-members to encourage them to fulfill their potential. It translates to any level of leadership with the differences being the depth of assessment and types of developmental activities chosen.


Why Use Coaching?

The best musicians in the world have a teacher… someone to objectively view their strengths and challenges and help them to become even better, and even stronger in their musicianship. The best leaders in the world have a coach… someone to objectively view their strengths and challenges and help them become even better, and even stronger in their leadership.

Where attending a workshop can provide you with knowledge that you can then consider and apply on your own, coaching provides you with the knowledge, along with direct feedback and encouragement to apply new skills and abilities in a way that’s tailored exactly for your developmental needs so it can make the greatest positive impact.

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