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Harmonic Learning is a company with a purpose... Creating More Harmony In The World Through Learning. Our Harmonic Work-Styles Model, assessments, and learning programs provide individuals and organizations with a path to strengthen communication, increase interpersonal awareness, and heighten leadership skills.

Brian Lowell French

Brian Lowell French is the founder/president of Harmonic Learning. He is a content creator, teacher, writer musician, and philosopher, and is available to teach, speak, and perform at special functions.

Brian Lowell French

Brian Lowell French

Brian Lowell French

Content Creator | Teacher | Writer | Musician | Philosopher | Actor | Paradox

Brian is the Founder and President of Harmonic Learning, LLC., a Leadership and Learning Development Company based in McKinney, TX (in the Dallas Metroplex area).

Over the span of his 30+ year career, Brian has created video/media/music/text content for internationally distributed instructional, informational, promotional, and entertainment programs.

He is available to create, teach/speak, write, or perform for special functions. Regardless of the forum, Brian looks for opportunities to use mixed media and engage the viewer/listener through a unique mix of sight, sound and thought. Fill out the form below to contact Brian.

Content Creator

Throughout his career he has been a content creator; first starting in video production and then moving into instructional media where he has won national awards. Adept in both print and digital media, this continues to be a love of Brian's as he now creates media for Harmonic Learning.


As a teacher, Brian is a master-trainer level facilitator in both classroom and virtual/webinar based deliveries. He holds certifications in many industry leading courses/assessments and brings a unique mix of humor and deep reflection into the courses that he facilitates. He also serves as a speaker for special events, but still views those events as an opportunity to enlighten and inform (thus, teach).


Brian is a writer of poetry, song, fiction, and non-fiction works. An ASCAP affiliated songwriter, Brian has written over 2,000 songs throughout his career, many of them published and recorded for distribution. His lyrics have been viewed as poetry as they've been published for the public on various websites through the years. His fiction contributions generally have been displayed within instructional content, as he writes fictional stories that illuminate the instructional topics within a course, thus bringing the content to life for the learner. And his non-fiction work has been in the form of instructional content and blog postings.


A musician since the age of 9, Brian's primary instrument is the piano/voice, but he also plays trumpet, percussion/drums, guitar, bass, and a bit of harmonica (and makes a feeble attempt at any other instrument he can get his hands on). Through the years he has composed and produced/recorded the score of an independent movie, a children's TV show, and countless online instructional courses. A singer/songwriter, Brian has been performing standards and original songs since the age of 18, with a stint in Los Angeles and performances around the country. He served for 7 years as musical director for a church in Oklahoma, and has performed special spiritual concerts throughout his career. Though music performance now takes a back seat due to time availability, it still continues to be a first love, and with the creation of Harmonic Learning he's taking the opportunity to infuse music with learning in a way that illustrates key learning points.


To be a philosopher, all one needs is a deep and unique perspective, and the desire to share it. Brian has done this through his writing, music, and teaching, which invite readers/listeners/participants to look past the surface and explore the deeper meanings of the message.

Actor/Voice-Over Artist

Brian is also an actor for video/film, specializing in character acting and spokesperson work. He is an accomplished voice-over artist in standard narration and character-voice work.


Brian fully admits to his paradoxical being. He's a practical dreamer... a pragmatic theorist... a realistic philosopher...  an introverted presenter... and a serious goofball. He brings these paradoxes fully into all of his work to create experiences that ask deep questions, but with practical application, and a bit of humor. 

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