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Harmonic Learning is a company with a purpose... Creating More Harmony In The World Through Learning. Our Harmonic Work-Styles Model, assessments, and learning programs provide individuals and organizations with a path to strengthen communication, increase interpersonal awareness, and heighten leadership skills.

About Harmonic Learning

Harmonic Learning - About

About Harmonic Learning, LLC

Our History

Harmonic Learning is a Learning & Development company located in McKinney, TX (part of the Dallas Metroplex). We launched the company early in 2017 to provide tailored classroom, webinar, online, and blended programs to organizations. Even though the company is relatively new, the principal brings 30 years of experience in the Learning and Development field.

Our Purpose

Create a Harmonic Workplace...  A harmonic workplace is one where all team-members feel equally valued and involved, equally motivated to do their best, and equally cared for by their manager and fellow team-members. Imagine working in that kind of environment... we all deserve to.

We strive to help create harmonic workplaces through the learning that we develop and provide and the professional services we offer. Our purpose has grown out of 20+ years of study, research, and observation to create the Harmonic Work-Styles Model, a framework for understanding ourselves and others to foster better communication and more positive working relationships.

The ultimate goal of all of our learning programs is to deepen communication, heighten leadership capabilities, and strengthen teamwork. Within the workplace, this leads to much greater employee engagement and satisfaction (the happiness factor), and increased personal and team success.

Our Offerings

We provide our flagship Harmonic Work-Styles content as individual courses or as a full curriculum to develop a broad-range of leadership competencies. We also provide Presentation-specific courses to enhance your skills in delivering formalized communication. The wide-array of Team-Building options provide organizations of any size with an engaging and meaningful team experience. Our content-creation and consulting/coaching services are utilized by organizations to meet any need in the Talent Development space.

Our People

We are an intentionally small, family-run company, allowing us to be quick, nimble and very affordable. But as needed, we call upon our extended network of Talent Development colleagues to handle any need, regardless of size.

 Brian L. French  Founder-Harmonic Learning, LLC

Brian L. French

Founder-Harmonic Learning, LLC

Message from Brian L. French, Founder - Harmonic Learning

Hi Folks,

I want to thank you for visiting our site and exploring our programs, services and products. To say that Harmonic Learning is an act of love would fall short. It's an act of my entire being, bringing together all I've ever learned and experienced to provide learning content that I deeply feel can positively change the world. 

A bit about me and my background... Well, first of all, I lean on the side of introversion and thus not very comfortable with self-promotion, so it's admittedly hard to write about myself. But I know that you would like a comfort level that I know what I'm talking about, so here it goes. 

Before starting Harmonic Learning, I was a Leadership Development leader of a Fortune 20 company, leading many global programs through the years, including: Leadership/Management Development & Training, New-Hire Orientation, Developmental Assessments, Performance Management, Mentoring, Coaching, Organizational Development, Top-Talent Programs, Compliance/Ethics Training, and Distance Learning based Programs.

Previous to that, I was an administrative Director in public education and managed learning media development/delivery, and all learning-technologies for the institution. This is where I first got involved in interactive distance-learning and began facilitating programs via video/collaboration technology (which continues to be a love of mine). This is also where I first got involved in teaching educators how to optimize their content delivery through the use of technology, while maintaining the human element as the primary connection with the participant.

I've also led a bit of a double-life (no... not a spy... or am I?) as I've been a musician and songwriter all of my life. This is why I infuse so many musical themes within our learning programs. I've also been a professional video producer, narration artist, and done a bit of acting. If you'd like to learn more about my other interests, you can visit my personal page.

My goal with every program I develop and deliver is to have the participant explore deep thoughts, balanced with practical applications in a fun-loving learning environment. When you attend our courses you will walk away with plenty to ponder, along with many pragmatic techniques and tools to immediately put into practice (and will hopefully remember some of the chuckles as well).

I consider Harmonic Learning to be my life's work, and everything I've done up to this point has led me to this new purpose of creating more harmony in the world through the learning programs that we develop and provide.

Thank you for visiting our site and exploring our programs.


Brian L. French, Founder, President (and Chief Harmonica Player) - Harmonic Learning, LLC

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Based in McKinney, Texas... Serving the World

We offer our programs globally through the open-enrollment webinars that can be taken from anywhere. We also support organizations with global operations to deliver classroom training wherever you have employees.