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Harmonic Learning is a company with a purpose... Creating More Harmony In The World Through Learning. Our Harmonic Work-Styles Model, assessments, and learning programs provide individuals and organizations with a path to strengthen communication, increase interpersonal awareness, and heighten leadership skills.

About Harmonic Learning

Harmonic Learning - About


About Harmonic Learning, LLC

Our History

Harmonic Learning is a Learning & Development company located in McKinney, TX (part of the Dallas Metroplex). We launched the company early in 2017 to provide Leadership Programs, Team-Building, Coaching, Consulting and Content Creation to organizations. Even though the company is relatively new, the principal brings 30 years of experience in the Learning and Development field.

Our Purpose

Create a Harmonic Workplace...  A harmonic workplace is one where all team-members feel equally valued and involved, equally motivated to do their best, and equally cared for by their manager and fellow team-members. Imagine working in that kind of environment... we all deserve to.

We strive to help create harmonic workplaces through the learning that we develop and provide and the professional services we offer. The ultimate goal of all of our learning programs is to deepen communication, heighten leadership capabilities, and strengthen teamwork. Within the workplace, this leads to much greater employee engagement and satisfaction (the happiness factor), and increased personal and team success.

Our Offerings

Our learning program offerings include classroom-based workshops, webinars, and online learning pieces to our clients (often together as a blended solution). Our standard learning programs are focused on the core leadership skills and knowledge that every leader, at every level needs to be successful. We don’t state that a given program is for a given level of leader within the company, because the content is carefully crafted to be applicable to all levels, but we can create tailored versions at a client’s request to meet specific capability development. We consider everything we do to be a consultative, tailored approach so we can directly meet your needs.

Our teaming program is designed to help your team understand its strengths and challenges, and find ways to overcome any amount of negativity to grow to the point of strengthening (the highest level of the Harmonic Team Development stages).

We offer coaching for developing leadership capabilities, either as part of a learning program or as a stand-alone engagement. Our executive coaching service utilizes a methodology that ensures positive growth.

Our assessments are used in the learning programs and in our coaching engagements. We utilize many internally developed surveys/assessments as well as industry leading assessments to fit the developmental needs of the client.

The consulting services we provide to organizations provide a fresh view of your situation to facilitate ideas, build strategy, and create innovation.

We also offer content-creation services to organizations needing professional media to enhance their learning programs, communication and marketing efforts through 4K video production, photography services, and web/print media development.

Our Outreach

We actively seek ways to reach out to the community and the world in the sharing of our time, energy and content. If you are a leader at a charitable organization, we would welcome a conversation to see if we can share some content to help fulfill your mission.

A portion of proceeds is given to Unicef so the children of the planet can grow healthy, safe, and strong to create a better world.

Brian L. French  Founder-Harmonic Learning, LLC

Brian L. French

Founder-Harmonic Learning, LLC

Message from Brian L. French, Founder - Harmonic Learning

Hi Folks,

I want to thank you for visiting our site and exploring our offerings. We are dedicated to helping you to greatly enhance your organization’s talent development offerings.

If you’re wondering about the musical theme of our site and content, it’s simply because my first love of vocation is music (with leadership development a very close second). I’ve been a professional musician off and on through my adult life and still play and record when I can find the time. When I started our business I decided to marry my two vocational loves together, which led to the musical theme (note the qualifier of “vocational” as my first loves are my wife and kids, with other family and friends a close second). We use musical analogies throughout our learning programs to bring learning points into focus in an interesting way. So, the photography you see on the site are pictures of my various instruments and recording gear.

My leadership passion is to help people grow in their leadership capabilities and discover how to work better, together. This comes through the understanding received within our programs and services. You will be able to immediately apply the tools, techniques and models to form deeper, stronger, and more trusting working relationships and become a Harmonic Leader.

Discover how to…

Inspire the uninspired.

Motivate the unmotivated.

Form trust with the untrusting.

Find happiness within the unhappy.

Create dedication within those not dedicated.

These are lofty goals for sure, but very attainable. Our unique content provides you with the information and tools to be able to accomplish these things, both within the workplace and in your personal life.

My goal with every session I develop and deliver is to have the participant explore deep thoughts, balanced with practical applications in a fun and interactive learning environment. When you attend our workshops you will walk away with plenty to ponder, along with many pragmatic techniques and tools to immediately put into practice (and will hopefully remember some of the chuckles as well).

I consider Harmonic Learning to be my life's work, and everything I've done up to this point has led me to this new purpose of creating more harmony in the world through the learning programs that we develop and provide.

Thank you for visiting our site and exploring our offerings.


Brian L. French, Founder, President (and Chief Harmonica Player) - Harmonic Learning, LLC

Our Clients

We are very honored to have a growing list of clients who we partner with to provide our programs and services.

Memberships and Affiliations

Member of Association of Talent Development and a member/sponsor of the Dallas Chapter

Member of Association of Talent Development and a member/sponsor of the Dallas Chapter

Member of McKinney, TX Chamber of Commerce

Member of McKinney, TX Chamber of Commerce