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Harmonic Learning is a company with a purpose... Creating More Harmony In The World Through Learning. Our Harmonic Work-Styles Model, assessments, and learning programs provide individuals and organizations with a path to strengthen communication, increase interpersonal awareness, and heighten leadership skills.


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Harmonic Learning. Harmonic Learning LLC is a leadership and professional development company, providing training programs to individuals and organizations. We specialize in the developmental areas of communication, leadership and teaming. All of our learning programs utilize the Harmonic Relation Model, a new tool for categorizing our unique preferences and strengths in how we interrelate with others. Take the free assessment to begin your Harmonic Learning journey.

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Leadership Development programs that create greatness in leaders, teams and organizations.

Discover how to band together to work in chorus and create a harmonic workplace.

In Accord   |   In Tune   |   In Tempo   |   In Rhythm

The best musical groups are in accord, in tune, in tempo and in rhythm to such a degree that they seem to play as one. The players support each other, motivate each other, and care for the unique musical needs of each other. The best workplace teams seek the same kind of synergy, where the team-members support each other, motivate each other, and care for the unique working needs of each other. The Harmonic programs are your guide to creating this environment where each team-member is dedicated to creating a positive working environment.


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A Harmonic Workplace is one where all team-members feel equally valued and involved, equally motivated to do their best, and equally cared for by their manager and fellow team-members.

Imagine working in that environment everyday… We all deserve to.
— Brian L. French

Equipping Leaders to Build Engaged Organizations Where Employees Are…

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